Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sheriff Bo Tully Mysteries

This is actually something of a series, although you could easily read them independently of one another.  Here's the first book:


I got the stomach flu a few weekends ago, and needed something easy and relaxing to read while I was sick.  A couple of these books were just what the doctor ordered.

If you're not familiar with Patrick McManus, he has written a series of humorous books with anecdotes and short stories about the outdoor life in the west - specifically the Idaho panhandle area, where he grew up.  Some of them are pretty entertaining.

These books, rather than being an "embellished" account of his own experiences, are fictional stories set in "Blight County" Idaho.  While they are murder mysteries, McManus' dry humor comes through loud and clear.

The cast of characters are entertaining, and the plots keep you curious about whodunnit.

With a thought to my Italian friends, I'm not sure how much of the books would be lost on someone not familiar with small towns in out of the way places in the US.  On the other hand, they're also a fun glimpse into the sort of town not often visited by tourists from abroad.

I can recommend the first two books of the series, which I have read: they're good, unpretentious, fun and funny stories.  A great distraction from a busy life in a not-so-out-of-doorsy place.

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