Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thinking Statistically

Odds are, if you have enjoyed the other books I've reviewed, you'll like this one too.  Sorry, kidding!  But I did enjoy this one, even though it's a bit on the brief side: the three chapters are about "selection bias", "endogenity" and "Bayes".  All are well written in terms that someone like me, without a lot of math, can easily understand, without appearing to be too dumbed down.  I particularly appreciated the chapter on Bayes, because while the other ideas are fairly sensible, Bayes doesn't seem 100% obvious at first glance, so a thorough explanation of the basic idea is very welcome.  It's priced ok for the short lengthy, but I would have gladly paid more for a longer book with more topics centered around the idea of "how can this be applied in real life?".

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